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Are you familiar with auto cooling fan cooling way

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Automobile cooling fans have a variety of cooling ways, one is air supply, another is convulsions; The two cooling way, convulsions, in contrast, its thermal efficiency is higher. Many users in selecting a cooling fan, often do not know what is convulsions type, which is air supply type; Although most manufacturers are also introduced, most people still want to know more carefully! Small make up reveal to you about today, as the layman, how better to tell them.
1, we can use auto cooling fan leaf direction of rotation to discern, of course, if it is anticlockwise, so is the convulsions;
2, we can discern through blades, the blade bending direction, curved to there is convulsions;
3, we can see the fan profile, generally marked with steering and direction; Through these, we can learn and distinguish between auto cooling fan cooling methods still have a lot of.
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