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Are those factors affect the cooling of the cooling fan cooling

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the model selection of the cooling fan, the strength of the heat dissipation performance is essential to consider one of the points. Then the key factors of cooling fan cooling performance strength have those? Basically has the following three points: the air volume, air pressure and heat dissipation structure. Air volume refers to the amount of air cooling fan or absorb heat dissipation, usually use the CMM and CFM to say; CMM said radiator cooling fan per minute or absorb the air volume, in cubic meters to calculate, CFM calculated on a cubic feet. Air flow the greater the value of the cooling fan, because its per unit time or absorb air volume, the more so the better the performance of heat dissipation. At the same time, the air pressure is also the important factors affecting the heat dissipating performance; Even with again big air volume, there is not enough to reach fever electronic component parts of the wind pressure, will cause heat accumulation, so also is not enough to play the advantages of large air volume. Additionally heat dissipation structure can also affect the cooling effect in the advantages and disadvantages, the so-called heat dissipation structure as the axial flow fan and centrifugal fan/blowers, axial flow fan inlet air and exhaust air at a shaft, a relatively large air flow and structure design is relatively simple, suitable for the structure and flow design of simple products. And vertical centrifugal fan/blower exhaust and phase, the motor can intake on both ends of the up and down, side wind, wind pressure is opposite bigger, products suitable for the structure design and the flow design is relatively complex. So when making the cooling fan selection, considering the cooling fan cooling system, air volume and air pressure to consider comprehensively and choose according to their own product design axis diaspora hot or centrifugal cooling fan/blower. Radiator cooling fan speed is refers to the number of cooling fan blade rotation per minute, the unit is the RPM. Measuring the rotational speed of rotation speed measuring instrument is refers to the measured object tool, is generally used in digital display measuring instrument. Radiator cooling fan is working, mainly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The principle is: when the power is to heat the cooling fan, cooling fan coil is energized, according to the amp right-hand rule as we know, coil creates a magnetic field around the heat inside the cooling fan blades attached a charge of magnetic rubber magnets in advance. A conductor produce the magnetic field is produced with a fixed vacuum repulsion, when the repulsive force is greater than the cooling fan of static friction force ( The cooling fan bearing friction, wind resistance of blade rotation) , cooling fan blades natural turn. Dc cooling fan, power supply voltage is fixed, the hall sensor component must be used as a synchronous detection device, control a group of circuits, that makes the circuit coil axis of two groups of coil turns to work, can produce different magnetic field. Through the working principle of the cooling fan we know cooling fan speed is the main decision condition of the cooling fan itself structure and components, and blade Angle bearing friction of wind resistance, etc. , of course, the external factors, here we come to analyse: radiator cooling fan is achieved by air cooling heat dissipation, the influencing factors of water cooling is mainly the cooling system's environment construct, when relative seal system environment, should be considered when choosing a radiator cooling fan wind pressure situation of the cooling fan, cooling fan air pressure is not enough, the cooling fan speed will be significantly affected, and air volume decline significantly, can not meet the heat dissipation effect wrapped, so the external air pressure is a factor affecting the cooling fan speed ( Supercharging type radiator cooling fan can overcome) ; There is also a comparison of the significant factor is the external environment, such as sand, greasy, high and low temperature environment, such as ordinary radiator cooling fan doesn't do protection processing, environment is also a name of influence on the speed.
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