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Analyzing the characteristics of the fan cooling principle composition

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the development of science and technology, the function of electronic products is more and more strong. We are in the process of using cars, will inevitably encounter the heat generated by the electronic original cause fever, thus reduce the using time of electronic products, reduce the using life. So now, the original electronic cooling becomes more important. And fan is the best way, handle the cooling fan is the application of forced convection way to stop the cooling, rely on the personal training effect, then apply heat exchange between air and heat dissipation products take away heat, so as to complete 'forced convection cooling way. Fan is also divided into many categories, summed up can be divided into three points: the blades with air activity can be divided into: axial flow fan, centrifugal fan. According to the working current is divided into: dc fan, ac fan. According to the use of the fan can be divided into: the power supply fan, fan, fan noise, fan, refrigerator, car fan CPU fan, and desktop car fan, etc. Fan: rotor local: including blades, axis, copper and copper outside the box. The stator local: including motor, frame, bearings and adapter. Control the local consists of hall of circuit board and a series of original. But the bearing is as a fan of bottleneck factor of the existence of life after the noise of the fan work also, the influence of the formation of capital has always. Fan bearing system is divided into a few ordinary oil bearings, ball bearings, ceramic bearings, hydraulic rifle bearing and dynamic pressure bearing.
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