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Analyze the working principle and components of the fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Fan, refers to the heat so as to take the cold wind of appliances. Electric fans, electric air installation, configuration inside fan electricity then stop running into natural wind came up to enjoy the cool effect. Source of mechanical fan on the roof, in 1829, a man named James byron americans by inspiration from the structure of the clock, can create a fixed on the ceiling, mechanical fan driven by the wind. The fan was brought about by the rotating blades cool wind makes one feel delighted, but have to climb up the ladder to wind-up, very trouble. Rotor: consist of magnets, blades and shaft; Stator: silicon steel sheet, coil and bearing; Control circuit: the IC induction magnet N. 年代。 Pole through the conduction coil circuit control its internal excitation rotor rotation. Type: axial flow fan, dc fan. A major part of the electric fan is: ac motor. Its working principle is: electric coil in the magnetic field force and rotation. Energy transformation way is: electricity mainly converted into mechanical energy, and because the coil resistance, so do not prevent a local electrical energy into heat. Electric fan work ( Assume that the room without heat transfer with the outside world) Indoor temperature not only not reduced, it will rise. Let us to analyze the temperature reason: electric fan is working, due to the current passes through the fan coil, wire is resistance, so will not prevent the heat of exothermic outward, so the temperature will rise.
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