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Analyses the effect of waterproof fan are influenced by what?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
General speaking, waterproof the using life of fan by using environment, the influence of working pressure. If waterproof fan working under high temperature working environment, can accelerate the volatilization of oil bearing in smooth liquid, to increase friction devices shrink, coil resistance is increased, fall into a fever a vicious cycle of increased temperature.

and dust will make blades quality spread changes, increase the friction, increase wind resistance, heat dissipation effect itself, obstacle radiator stop heat exchange with air, produce electrostatic discharge damage to components and equipment. The effect of the use of harsh environment can make waterproof fan, and life.

but if waterproof fan working pressure, can let the fan speed faster, the faster the bearing wear also, stator winding coil and the more electronic components fever, also relatively will shorten service life.

we will notice at ordinary times, due to the heat generated by the work product is by conduction to radiator, then through waterproof fan brings the cold air blowing and take away the heat of radiator, heat conduction and waterproof fan can how much related to the area size of heat sink.

in general, the greater the contact area of heat sink and the air, waterproof fan cooling effect is better, but that there is a premise, that is the case with enough under the condition of the remaining space. If the computer case was heat dissipation space is not large, there is no space left enough, are difficult to install a very large area of heat sink to the chassis, even if the force can be installed on the chassis, too large contact area will stop the hot air soon dispersed around the heat sink, which leads to the inside of the chassis overall temperature is too high, that affect the overall operation performance, so small make up recommend heat sink area matching selection should be the size of the case, not one to pursue area.
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