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Affect the cooling fan heat use length what are the reasons?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan used in daily life is everywhere, such as large factory production equipment cooling dust, car radiator, car radiator cooling ventilation, etc. , play a small but crucial role. Once the radiator cooling fan failure can not work normally, will directly affect the main equipment usage. All in daily life to maintain good radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan can normal use. Length of the heat radiator fan used what are the reasons? Follow below YiRongChuan technicians. General under normal circumstances the use of the heat radiator fan length by the heat dissipation of the cooling fan bearing life, stator winding coil, electronic components life decided to life. Cooling of the cooling fan bearing life according to the different types of design and working strength, between 1000 ~ 300000 hours. And stator winding coil used in the normal environment life generally can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of hours, but if in the bad environment, such as high temperature, low temperature, temperature, humidity, etc. , may be significantly reduced. Electronic components life a stator winding coil live longer, but easily affected by environmental temperature, especially the high temperature can greatly shorten the electronic component life. According to the principle of well-known manger or bottleneck can know that the life of the radiator cooling fan depends on the shortest of the three bearing life. The service life of the radiator cooling fan also will be affected by using the environment, the influence of working pressure. If the cooling cooling fan working under high temperature working environment, can accelerate the volatilization of oil lubricant in the bearing, the expansion device to increase friction, coil resistance is increased, a fever a vicious cycle of increased temperature, speed up the electronic components ageing. And dust will to change blade weight distribution, increase the friction, increase wind resistance, affects its heat, prevent heat sink heat exchange with the air, produce electrostatic discharge damage the components and equipment. The use of harsh environment can make the effect of the cooling fan, and life. And radiator cooling fan working pressure, can let the cooling fan speed faster, the faster the bearing wear also, stator winding coil and the more electronic components fever, also relatively will shorten service life. About heat radiator fan use length which reasons, today to share here. In daily life, if we can do to regular inspection maintenance of radiator cooling fan, can prolong the service life of radiator cooling fan, also reduces the equipment cost.
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