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Action of the cooling fan air volume is what

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan we usually hear most is air volume and air pressure that is to choose a cooling fan users must ask two parameters, the cooling performance of the decisive factors of the cooling fan, cooling fan manufacturer in nominal came out of the air volume, are measured under the cooling fan barrier-free runtime maximum air volume, wind resistance after installed on the device will affect the parameters of the cooling fan, in conformity with specifications book. However, today we talk about a cooling fan air volume.

the cooling fan movement air volume is what mean? Action air volume is refers to the cooling fan in the equipment, equipment in the actual flow of air ( Exhaust air) , after the us clearly find a cooling fan air volume fan out can choose the most suitable equipment, so that we can reduce the testing time, reducing wear and tear, is fully staffed.

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