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【 Ac fan 】 Where the noise, the solution!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Ac fan is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, machinery, and many other industries, communication includes the noise of the fan air dynamic noise, mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise and structural vibration noise, etc. , which is given priority to with air dynamic noise. Different kinds of fan its frequency spectrum characteristics will have different communication, communication centrifugal fan noise with low frequency is given priority to, and reduce with the increase of frequency, and communicate axial flow fan is given priority to with medium frequency noise. Ac fan noise control is divided into sound governance and propagation path of governance. The former mainly for ac fan impeller, a leaf, shell, supporting structure and materials used for improvement, in order to reduce the communication the noise of the fan itself; The latter mainly adopts muffler, acoustic enclosures, acoustic board, shock absorber, such as acoustic products, at the same time, combined with acoustic structure on the propagation path of fan noise from the ac ac fan noise in governance, then to know about the ac fan noise solution!
existing ac fan noise control to cut off the noise transmission as the main means of
1, in the import and export pipeline ac fan installed on the silencer;
2, outside the ac fan unit equipped with sound insulation cover;
3, in communication at the bottom of the fan vibration isolator;
4, comprehensive treatment measures of existing communication wind machine room;
5, in order to reduce indoor reverberation sound and room outside A levels;
1) Install the soundproof door, window,
2) Set indoor acoustic metope, smallpox,
3) Install ventilation mufflers, satisfy the working condition of equipment.
is the exchange of air blower noise above solution, we also according to the result of the specific circumstances to solve it.
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