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【AC Fan】The development of pitch system

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
【AC Fan】The development of pitch system u003cbru003e Nowadays, in order to reduce the overall power generation cost of wind turbines, the size of wind turbines is constantly increasing. However, larger wind turbines have longer blades and higher towers, which poses technical challenges for wind turbine designers. The longer the blade, the greater the influence of the uneven wind field. For example, the wind speed close to the ground is low, and the wind speed far from the ground is high, which creates an uneven wind field. This gradual change in wind speed will cause asymmetrical loads on the blades. Therefore, reducing the load is essential to the safe operation of the wind turbine. u003cbru003e With the upgrading of wind turbines, the pitch technology introduced a few years ago is approaching its limit. Therefore, xu must seek new solutions. The challenges faced by wind turbine pitch control are extremely complex, not only ensuring wind turbine efficiency, but also improving reliability and safety. Pitching technology achieves the effect of controlling the rotation speed of the fan rotor by monitoring and adjusting the angle of the fan blades. The new modular design adopted by Moog makes the pitch system easier to integrate with the customer's wind turbine, greatly reducing the complexity of the system. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eFriendly link: u003cbru003eCooling fan http:// u003cbru003edosense http://
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