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【 Ac fan 】 Such as wind power driven market recovery

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Ac fan 】 Such as wind power to drive the market recovery
review last year, China's installed wind capacity hit a record high, the wind power market recovery. The world wind power market can get out of the downturn much depends on China's performance.
wind power back to normal depends on the continued support of the National Energy Administration, by the competent department of many cut subsidies for renewable energy in the world of the macro environment, straight until the second half of 2014, China has always maintained a 2009 wind benchmarking electricity prices online. But the deeper reason may be the price of coal continued to fall.
in excess capacity, weak demand, high inventory, the impact of coal imports, the influence of such factors as in 2014, China's coal prices continue to fall, bohai sea at the beginning of 5500 kcal power coal price from 610 yuan/ton slipped to the end of the year 525 yuan/ton, from July to October 2014 below 500 yuan/ton, remain at 480 yuan/ton price. Coal prices makes the cost of power generation enterprises fell sharply, but online shops remain high, in fact, coal feed-in tariff for coal prices still high when custom solutions that electrical profitable.


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