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【 Ac fan manufacturer 】 Teach you how to distinguish between ac/dc fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Ac dc and ac fan fan fan manufacturers difference: the former power supply for communication and power supply voltage will be positive and negative alternating, unlike dc fan power supply voltage is fixed, xu will depend on the control circuits, the two groups work can produce different magnetic field coil in turn. Due to the power frequency fixed exchange fan, silicon steel sheet produced by pole change speed, decided by the power frequency, the higher the frequency of magnetic switch, the faster speed will be faster in theory, like the more the more the number of dc fan speed fast principle. Frequency, however, cannot too fast, too fast will cause problems start.
ac fan factory is mainly to solve the computer, electronics, machinery, power supply of the cooling problem, reduce the equipment working environment temperature, prolong the service life of equipment. There is also a part of the equipment using the fan air volume, air pressure to complete equipment functions, such as air table is to use the pressure of the fan can drift on surface of the table.

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