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【 Ac fan manufacturer 】 Ac fan speed influence

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Customers when ac fan of choose and buy, for the product of air volume and noise are more attention. However, for ac cooling fan speed has what product performance decisive factor? Here, the exchange fan manufacturer under the simple explanation for you.
ac fan manufacturer production ac fan can be roughly divided into the kinds of silent type and strong type two kinds. For the same size, same voltage ac fan, fan speed, noise and air volume will be different. The speed of the fan is refers to the number of the fan blade rotation per minute, the unit for R. P。 M。 Cooling fan speed is by the motor coil number of turns, working voltage, fan blades, dip Angle, height, diameter and the number of fan bearing system to decide together. The fan structure is fixed, the speed of the fan will different with the change of working voltage. Manufacturer of ac fan fan speed we can through the special infrared meter to measure.

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