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【 Ac fan 】 Impeller blade outlet Angle is important

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Ac fan 】 It is important to the impeller blade outlet Angle
exchange amount of dust fan blades and the adhesion strength of solid content in flue gas has a direct relationship, flue gas, many different kinds of solid content, such as: clay, alkali metal, sulphides, oxides and salts, etc. Through the analysis of the blade are deposited early, including: more contain clay, alkali metal, sulfur components. Smoke contains clay, alkali metal, sulfide, the more the faster the formation of sediment suction fan blade, once the formation of dust, soot formation thickness increase quickly, making any solid can deposit on the blade. The flue gas of the dust concentration, the greater the ac fan blade coating. The export of impeller blade Angle is a major factor affecting the formation of soot formation, blade outlet Angle is large, ac fan blade less soot formation. Therefore, in the fan selection, consider mainly should be made for fan blade geometry.
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