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【AC fan】How to do maintenance

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
There are many types of fans, from the classification of fans to the use of fans, each fan has its own advantages and characteristics. Among the many fan series, there is a type of fan with simple structure and convenient operation. This type of fan is an AC fan. u003cbru003eThere are many varieties of AC fans. This article mainly introduces small AC fans that are used for heat dissipation of electronic products and are universal. It is widely used in home appliance industry, machinery industry, manufacturing equipment industry and other products with ventilation and heat dissipation requirements. u003cbru003eThe motor structure of the AC fan uses a shrouded motor, and the rotor and the impeller are fixed as a whole. The air duct is integrated with the positioning frame and the stator. This kind of structure is simple, easy to produce, and very convenient to install and use. u003cbru003eMaintenance of AC fan: 1. Open the casing of the equipment, then turn on the AC fan, turn off the power supply of the equipment, use the air gun to be 2CM away from the fan, blow the fan; then wipe the dirt on the fan blade with industrial alcohol, and then tilt Adjust the gap position of the fuselage, and then use the air gun to blow out the dust in the equipment. From the front of the device to the back of the device, it needs to be cleaned, and then rotate repeatedly until it is clean. u003cbru003e2. The wind speed of AC fan is determined by many factors. The two most important reasons are the bearings of AC fan. Ball bearing: Long-term oxidation of the bearing by air ions in the air and the accumulation of dirt and dust will increase the friction resistance of the bearing and cause the speed of the fan to gradually decrease. Oil-impregnated bearing: AC fan with oil-impregnated bearing mainly relies on the mutual friction between stator and coil to rotate, and the oil in the bearing gradually decreases with the use of the fan, non-stop work and time consumption, so that the fan is used for work When the wind speed is getting slower and slower. u003cbru003e3. The life of AC fan varies according to different use environments. Assuming it works in a standard environment, the life of a general AC ball fan is about 50,000 hours, and products of different manufacturers will also be differentiated. A general AC oil-containing fan has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Due to the repeated rotation of its bearings, wear will shorten the lifespan. The lifespan of excellent manufacturers will reach 30,000-35,000 hours; the equipment needs to be cleaned at least once a month. The air inlet net should be kept clean to prevent blocking the airflow. It can be cleaned with a soft brush or compressed air. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eFriendly link: Wenling cooling fan manufacturer http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d72 u003cbru003eFriendly link: AC fan manufacturer http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d73
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