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【 Ac cooling fan. The high temperature, how to do?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fans, ac cooling fans, dc fans are widely used in inverter, inverter power supply, inverter, inverter power supply, car, cabinets, electrical box, LED display frequency, sparks machine, packaging machine, computer case, electric car chargers, car, equipment, etc. , in the fan in use process, hard to avoid can appear some use of high temperature and then lead to fan fails, the ac cooling fan what is the cause of the temperature on the high side?
bearing temperature to exceed bid, is one of the important factors that make the bearing damage. The main cause of ac cooling fan bearing temperature on the high side are the following:
( 1) Lubrication is not good in quality. The purpose of lubrication, is to make the action part does not directly contact friction, and form of the friction between solid and liquid. If the lubricating oil shortage or poor quality, can make the part of dynamic and static friction heat directly, or heat by oil away, can't and make the bearing temperature rise.
( 2) Ac cooling fan rolling bearing assembly quality. Such as the inner sleeve and shaft tight force is not enough, coat and bearing clearance is too large or too small.
( 3) Bearing quality is bad. Sliding bearing grind quality bad, sharply bad contact or changed; Rolling bearing rolling decent and crack, fracture, peeling, etc. , can destroy the stability of oil film with uniformity and bearing heating surface.
when using ac cooling fan for cooling so, pay attention to the above problems, to prevent high temperature cause unnecessary trouble.

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