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Ac cooling fan maintenance skill sharing

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Ac cooling fan is used after a period of time is the need for maintenance, so that it can use for a long time, life can be up to standard. Ac cooling fan to maintain what skills, tong chi car share to you.

ac cooling fan maintenance method is as follows:

ac cooling fan variety, in the main introduction to the electronic products, general of small ac fan. Widely used in household appliances industry, machinery industry, manufacturing industry there is a requirement for ventilation and heat dissipation and other products.

ac cooling fan motor structure level with hood motor, rotor and impeller for fixed one. Guide duct and positioning frame and stator. This kind of simple structure, easy production, install and use is also very convenient.

ac cooling fan maintenance tips:

1. Equipment shell to open, then the ac fan, shut down power supply equipment, with fan blower gun distance to 2 cm, blowing fan; Then use industrial alcohol to clean the fan blades the dirt, and then tilt the fuselage adjust the clearance position, adjusted the reoccupy after blow out air pressure gun equipment in the dust. Behind from the positive to the equipment, all need clean, turn over and over again, until clean.

2. Ac cooling fan of the wind speed is decided by many factors, its important reason is that two ac wind scattered bearing,

ball bearing: air gas ion on the oxidation of bearing for a long time of dust, dirt, can lead to bearing rubbing resistance increases, the fan speed gradually decreases.

oil-retaining bearing, oil bearing exchange fan, mainly by friction between the stator and the coil rotation, and the oil bearings, with the use of fan, the work and time consumption, reduce gradually, the fan works, wind speed slower and slower.

3. Ac fan life according to the difference of the use of different environment have different, imagine working in a standard environment, general communication ball fan life for 50000 hours, the product of different cooling fan manufacturer have to distinguish. General communication oil bearing fan life to 2. 50000 hours,

4. Due to the bearing rotating repeatedly, wear can make the life cut short, life expectancy to 30000 - high quality manufacturer 3. 50000 hours. Equipment are in need of clean, at least once a month. Air inlet should be kept clean to prevent blocking the air flow, can use soft brush or clean compressed air to clean.

above is chi car ac cooling fan and maintenance skills, give you is our general chi car production sales set a cooling fan manufacturer, focus on research and development production of cooling fans, dc cooling fans, ac cooling fans, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, air blower, etc. , and have our own brand jentech fan, we welcome attention, consulting for more cooling fan tip.
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