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AC cooling fan is really capricious

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The term 'AC cooling fan' is called willfulness. If you don't give it to the original, you won't be ranked. Pay attention to the ups and downs of this ranking every day, this day is really not a big one! patient! This term is very appropriate when used on Baidu!

The AC fans are ranked first, so why can't the AC cooling fans come to the front? According to the previous Baidu ranking, this AC cooling fan should be at least the top two, because the AC fan is the first, then this AC cooling The fan should be ahead of schedule

The terms AC fan and Shenzhen Fan Factory are simple, but axial fan manufacturers, AC cooling fans, and AC fans, as long as these words are not for originality, there will be no ranking. The rankings come up very slowly. They don’t get up all at once, but only because of how much originality they have eaten.

There is another point to tell Baidu that now the website must have traffic to stabilize its ranking. If the website has no traffic, no amount of originality is worthwhile! I want to check the traffic, but I am afraid of being checked by Baidu, and the website will be hacked. Some companies are more capricious and do Baidu promotion to increase traffic. But the car radiator fan factory did not promote Baidu, this traffic can only be clicked on by itself. AC cooling fan, you are really capricious.
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