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Ac cooling fan and the difference between dc cooling fan and waterproof structure technology of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Have some special products, need waterproof cooling fan, such as refrigerator, outdoor cabinet, humidifier, sanitary ware, lamp, etc. , and the waterproof requirement for different products is different also, require lower, we usually call moistureproof, in the motor stator, PCB dip anti-corrosion paint to protect it. For waterproof demand higher products, especially for possible bubble water, soak in the water may be, the requirement of waterproof and heat dissipation fan to IPX7, light do plus three corrosion resistant paint protection is not enough, need to the whole motor isolation, let water cannot interfere with the motor, reliable approach is: PCB to add glue, the motor seal, see the motor. The waterproof cooling fan needs a special mould to be waterproof function, internal structure design good do glue, motor and mould protection cover. Also need dedicated mold can be. This process is to waterproof the cooling fan on the water work, also does not affect the performance of the cooling fan of. When we choose the radiator cooling fan, there are mainly two kinds of different cooling fan, is a kind of dc cooling fan, one is ac cooling fan, to choose what kind of good, let us together to share, these two kinds of cooling fan features: 1. Electricity: ac cooling fan can directly connect the utility, such as 220 v, 110 v, etc. Should I take from the mains and dc cooling fan, after rectification transformer, the electricity to work, such as dc 12 v, 5 v, etc. 2. Use life of name: similar bearing ac cooling fan with dc cooling fan, life not big difference, mainly related to the type of bearing. 3. Air: with the specifications of the radiator cooling fan ( Such as 12038) Dc cooling fan for fan leaves longer, higher speed can also do some, by contrast, dc cooling fan, air volume will be bigger. 4. Efficiency: the use of dc cooling fan, low efficiency, such as 12038 dc cooling fan, 2600, 30 w, dc cooling fan and also 2600 turn, only 6 w, and the air volume is larger. 5. Cost: is convenient in electric power, purely in terms of two single cooling fan, with specifications of dc cooling fan than ac cooling fan is more cheaper. 6. Press: ac cooling fan for using mains, belong to the dangerous voltage, accidentally touch, life risk, and 48 v dc cooling fan is also is according to the full.
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