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About why the cooling fan is so expensive

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
As a small component, the cooling fan exists in all kinds of electronic and electrical products for heat dissipation and ventilation. Some customers will reflexively say why your fan is so expensive. The same cooling fan, when you go to a first-line brand, people The quality of the products is indeed very good, but the price is 30 yuan. We think they should be well done, but expensive. Then, we found a second-tier brand. This factory also has some strength and important equipment. The scale of the factory is all right. This 20 yuan is not cheap, but we found a small factory with only 10 people. The factory is messy, dirty, has no engineering, no research and development, and no big and sound management. , But the cooling fans produced will also turn, the price is only 10 yuan, we have another idea, they are cheap, but I don’t know how long they can be used, and whether the performance is stable. The cooling fan manufacturers believe that there is no lowest price, only lower , There is no best quality, only better. Choosing accessories that can meet the needs of the product is the most important thing. There is a market for high-end and good-quality products, and low-end and cheap ones are also required by others.
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