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About the oil bearing of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
About the oil bearing of the cooling fan u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e The ball bearing uses metal balls to operate, which belongs to point contact. Therefore, it is easy to activate the operation. In addition, the ball bearing is used in conjunction with the spring. Therefore, the spring supports the metal ring outside the ball bearing to make the entire fan rotor The weight is located on the ball bearing and supported by the spring indirectly, so it can be used in different directions. Dongguan Hongchen Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of cooling fans, with oil-impregnated bearings and ball bearings to choose from. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e Advantages of using ball bearings: Metal ball operation belongs to point contact, so it is easy to activate operation. Long service life (compared to oil bearing). u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e The disadvantage of making a ball bearing: The bearing structure is quite fragile, and all of them can withstand the impact of external forces. The price is high, unable to compete with oil bearing in cost price
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