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About the cross flow cooling fan, heat penetration diaspora fan insulation class

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
On cross flow cooling fan, class of insulation heat penetration diaspora fan refers to their level of heat insulation materials used, points A, E, B, F, H. Allow temperature refers to the temperature of the motor and temperature higher than the limits of the surrounding environment.
temperature rating of the insulation class A E B F class H
the highest temperature ( ℃) 105 120 130 155 180
winding temperature rise limit ( K) 6075 80 100 125 performance reference temperature (
℃) 8095 100120 145
in cross flow cooling fan motors and other electrical equipment, insulation materials is the most weak link. Insulating materials are especially vulnerable to the effects of high temperature and accelerated aging and damage. Different heat insulating materials have the difference, using different insulation of electrical equipment for its ability to tolerate high temperature is different. So the general electrical equipment are the work of the highest temperature.
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