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About the air volume of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Air volume is the most important parameter of cooling fan performance. It refers to the total volume of air sent or sucked in by the air-cooled radiator fan per minute. If calculated by cubic feet, the unit is CFM; if calculated by cubic meters, it is CMM, heat dissipation The air volume unit often used by fans is CFM. The conversion tables for various air volume units correspond to each other as follows: When the material of the heat sink is the same, the air volume is the most important indicator to measure the heat dissipation capacity of the air-cooled radiator. This is because the heat capacity of the air is constant, and the greater the air volume, that is, the more air per unit time can take away more heat. Of course, under the same air volume, the heat dissipation effect is related to the way the wind flows. Obviously, the larger the air volume, the higher the heat dissipation capacity of the heat sink.
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