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About the air volume and pressure of the cooling fan in front of you

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The air volume and air pressure of the cooling fan are important indicators for evaluating the performance of the cooling fan. The air volume unit is generally expressed by CFM, that is, cubic feet per minute. The conversion of several commonly used air volume units is as follows: 1CFMu003d28.316846592 L/MINu003d 0.028CMM, and the unit of wind pressure is generally mmH2O. The air volume and wind pressure data of the cooling fan are derived. The professional equipment is a wind tunnel machine, as shown in the figure below. Fix the cooling fan on the wind tunnel machine and let the cooling fan blow out The wind is completely blown into the wind tunnel machine, that is, the large circular cylinder in the middle, there is a sensor inside, and the data is sent to the database for calculation, and the air volume value and wind pressure value are generated because the cost of the wind tunnel machine is not low. Some factories will buy a hand-held anemometer to test the wind speed. It can only be a simple comparison parameter for the wind pressure value. Generally speaking, the larger the air volume, the better the heat dissipation. In addition, the system structure is also affected by the heat dissipation. It has a lot to do with the air inlet, air outlet, air duct, etc., and another important parameter is the wind pressure. The air volume of the cooling fan, the stronger the power, the faster the heat dissipation, so evaluate the cooling fan Two important parameters of heat dissipation performance are air volume and air pressure
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