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A good water purifier needs to meet these requirements before it can be used for a long time.

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
In recent years, domestic water pollution has increased severely, and more and more people have realized the importance of healthy drinking water. The appearance of bottled water and drinking fountains has indeed improved the human drinking water environment, but its inevitable secondary pollution and poison barrel incidents have been exposed one after another. People have renewed their eyes on household water purifiers, so various water purifiers. Products should be born. Water purification equipment is a collective term for products that can purify various water quality and meet certain national standards. If you want to choose a good water purifier, you must meet the following requirements: 1. Look at the product's wading sanitation license. According to the relevant regulations of our country, manufacturers or sales of water purifiers must obtain the wading sanitation license approved by the superior sanitation supervision department. And each brand and model of water purifier has only one sanitary license batch number. Before buying, be sure to ask the seller to show the approval for water sanitation. Second, look at the core components of the filter element water purifier, its pros and cons directly affect the purification index of the water purifier. According to your local water quality conditions, choose a water purifier with a suitable filtration level. PP cotton: (filter element accuracy range 0.5-100μm) through the internal capillary fiber to absorb large particles, can effectively remove sediment, rust and suspended solids and other impurities larger than 5 microns. Activated carbon: (composed of coal-based activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon) used to adsorb several substances, odors and pigments. Air fiber ultrafiltration: (0.01-0.001 micron microporous filter membrane) Ultrafiltration machine generally can filter out rust, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecules in water; but can not filter heavy metals substance. Reverse osmosis: (filter element accuracy range 0.0001μm) is very common on the market, the current filtration is very fine, and the filtration rate is 99%. 3. Concerned about whether the water purifier can kill microorganisms. Viruses and strains of microorganisms are all potential pathogens and must be eliminated. Chemical killing: use chemical filters to kill microorganisms; disadvantages: chemical residues, which affect the taste and health (processing method: install after the chemical filter, improve the taste of the ion filter or activated carbon filter; so that consumers cannot directly detect abnormalities and improve the taste. Application of the difficulty of distinguishing chemical residues) Ultraviolet extinguishing: UV kills the fine DNA structure, the average extinguishing rate is as high as 99%; Disadvantage: electricity is required. A qualified water purifier achieves: filtering impurities, retaining minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and improving the taste of drinking water is enough. A high-quality water purifier must: filter impurities, retain minerals that are beneficial to the human body, filter various chemical pollutants, improve the taste of drinking water while killing fine particles and viruses. In order to solve the problem of human water supply, water purification equipment has to work around the clock, whether it is cold or hot and dry, which requires higher requirements for the core components of water purification equipment. Strong stability, full reliability, and longevity are your requirements for equipment, which requires a high degree of cooperation with corresponding accessories. Yirongchuan’s cooling fan is a tailor-made accessory for your high-end water purification equipment, which indirectly affects whether your high-end water purification equipment can effectively dissipate heat and ensure that the core components will not be ‘burned’ by high temperatures. It is directly related to the life name of the core components of your high-end water purification equipment. 92*92*38MM, double ball bearings, 50000 hours of super long-life heat dissipation fan, air volume up to 95CFM. Unique design of static and moving impeller, spiral 11 diameter, multi-diameter supercharged wind. Spiral pressurized air duct avoids turbulence and scattering of air flow. Under the premise of the same speed, let the wind pressure increase by an average of 25%, and the wind force by 30%. It is dust-proof and moisture-proof. It can be used freely in the low temperature environment of -28 degrees-0 degrees and the high temperature environment of 65 degrees-120 degrees. It is specially designed for High-end water purification and environmental protection equipment tailor-made cooling fans! The cost of the heat dissipation fan of Yi Rong Chuan is less than ten of your high-end water purification equipment, but its efficient heat dissipation, full reliability, long life, dustproof and moisture-proof, etc. ensure that your high-end water purification equipment can normally heat and Operation, the stability of your core equipment has been improved, and the life name has been extended, meeting human requirements for healthy water quality. They can enjoy health 'cleanly' because of you!
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