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A cooling fan will have big change in the audio and video industry

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Audio and video industry is to promote industrial upgrading, bringing in the new growth, and age of 5 g has now, at present, audio and video is accelerating and artificial intelligence, 5 g fusion in the field of information display and so on, the LED display screen is composed of standard definition, high definition to the evolution of the focus of the ultra-high resolution, under the background of 'big and beauty', resolution, frame rate, bit rate, color saturation has the very big promotion, interactive LED will become the first choice, the application field is becoming more and more widely, television has also support voice now, can be very good interaction, for the old people life quality improvement is very large, think of the future have more space.

in high-performance audio and video industry, ultra-thin development increase calorific value, need to be under the thinner of the space, the optimal cooling performance of the cooling fan.

in recent years, because of the low noise and save energy demand is increasing, in the pursuit of quiet fan, low-power fan, so in the audio and video industry must comply with the law, procurement of the cooling fan will have more than several features.

in the cooling fan on PWM control, through the PWM control function, change the duty ratio can change fan speed, to cope with the surrounding temperature, can set the most suitable speed, under the low speed running, can reduce the noise, lower power consumption, to achieve low noise and low power consumption.

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