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A cooling fan used points for attention

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans if use improper or unreasonable use of the environment will be shorten a cooling fan life, only the reasonable use, it can better service for the product, increase the practicability of the products. A cooling fan in use process should pay attention to what?

1, the cooling fan in use process, please do not touch the blade and on the power line with fan or use pull the power cord, the move will make the axis and the power cord will be damaged.

2, a cooling fan used in please avoid dust, water, insects, and affect the life and bad product produce.

3, do not use a cooling fan used in combustible gases and any harmful environment, prevent explosion or damaged.

4, buy, please use within 6 months after the cooling fan, long time storage will affect the fan performance due to the environment.

5, the cooling fan is in operation, please do not attempt to turn the fan locked particularly long time, it will be for continuous stop do not turn, produce heat and burning fan.

6, installing a cooling fan, please pay special attention to, because of the resonance or vibration noise.

7, when handling or operation, cooling fans, such as fallen from 60 cm high, will be some impact on the balance of the blade, especially the ball bearing from falling.

8, according to the cooling fan shall not exceed 4 KGF lock shell of the screwing torque; Please do not use a screwdriver, iron bars and other content blocked fan, that this might damage the fan.

9, please note that a cooling fan at high speed don't put the fingers into it, in case the injured finger.

in the above items when using a cooling fan, will make your fan service life is longer, the better effect to use, chi car to remind you, please always remember oh.
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