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A cooling fan to stop working when use what factors

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The continuous development of science and technology, the application of the cooling fan, so the cooling system on various occasions, all kinds of equipment can be applied to, to plane, bus, small to electric toothbrush, electronic masks; Which, of course, each device has a service life, when a cooling fan to stop working will also directly affect the lifespan of the equipment, so we should how to troubleshoot a cooling fan to stop running or a cooling fan to crash when the cause of the problem and solution?

the general cooling fan freezes or stop running when there are the following factors:

1, the cooling fan of the bearing axis of rust turn lead to direct card death; A cooling fan shaft rust for use for a long time, lubricating oil volatilization, solution: a rotating shaft above the lubricating oil in the axis position and not too much in drops of trendy rotation.

2, a cooling fan used too long is not cleaned regularly, leading to excess fan dust extrusion, causes the fan rotates the card the Lord did not turn; Solution; The backlog of dust cleaning swab cooling fan.

3, cooling fan performance, reliable quality, choice of third-rate cooling fan brand will lead to damage of fan or unable to move.

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