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A cooling fan system impedance is what

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan system impedance is what often say? Know what system impedance after work?

generally, we know that a cooling fan parameters are just some of the parameters of the cooling fan cooling cold high and low, almost didn't even heard of the word system impedance, the system impedance is the inner air flow resistance, the lower the resistance of air volume.

as long as we measure the impedance of the device internal impedance can be used to confirm the action point, what is action? Refers to the PQ fan characteristic curve and system impedance curve of intersection points for action. ( Need to under the premise of fans can meet the equipment cooling can confirm action points) using the above , you can choose a cooling fan with high performance.

system impedance values are used to determine a good action point can:

1, the benchmark of the fan selection is more clear, shorten the time in the selection of fan

2, can choose a low noise, low power consumption of the fan

3, improve the device layout of electronic components, lower system impedance

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