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A cooling fan - — SVG is special cooling fan noise reduction proposal

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Test background:

equipment specification: 50 kavr active filter

fan models: AS08024DB389100

air volume: 76. 77 CFM

wind pressure: 206. 92 pa

a: parallel * 4

50 kavr active filter cooling fan noise test scenario, first with wind tunnel device to measure the cooling fan air volume and wind resistance.

test results:

action air volume: 128 CFM

system wind resistance: K = 0. 004417

the measured data graph:

based on the analysis of test data, the cooling engineer:

1, the system impedance is higher, the action point use smaller air volume, four fan parallel theoretical value 307 CFM, the actual use of 128 CFM, lower than that of conventional least 0. 5.

2, working point after stall zone, fan noise is big. The diagram below: axial flow fan characteristics, PQ curve and corresponding noise figure, the noise from the stall area began to increase. Applications, the action point before stall zone is advisable.

noise reduction optimization advice:

1, modify the tuyere and outlet damper opening way, purpose: open area as large as possible.

2, fan into the tuyere and dampers to keep 2 times the length of the blade

3, fan and outlet and the radiator, keep a certain distance before don't pasted on the processing improve airflow effectively using vortex phenomenon.

4, and choose adjustable speed fan, through the real temperature detection and MCU intelligent control fan speed, low speed, low noise, low temperature and can prolong the life of the fan

recommendation measured data:

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