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A cooling fan supply business to discuss with you the main factors of fan cooling

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan manufacturer to tell you what is called air volume, what is called air pressure. And the air volume and air pressure's influence on the performance of radiator fan and how? We only know that air volume at ordinary times, blowing hot wind, so the cooling is, the better, that is correct? Why is that? These problems are all we need to discuss today. Below we first to get to know what is called air volume and air pressure:

the fan air volume & amp; Wind pressure is the main factor of decide the cooling efficiency, and often after the fan shaped specifications set, the characteristics of the fan the key requirement is that air volume & amp; Air pressure, is by no means the fan speed, usually people will misunderstand this emphasis, began to use A manufacturer of fan speed is 2400 RPM, as long as the fan manufacturer B for 2400 RPM, is completely wrong to do so. Small make up to you, for example:

as A manufacturer of fan speed is 8000 RPM, 4028 air volume of 30 CFM, wind pressure for 15 mmho2, rated current is zero. 16 a, noise is 30 db; The manufacturer B 4028 air volume of fan speed is 7500 RPM for 32 CFM, wind pressure is 15. 6 mmho2, rated current is zero. 14 a, noise is 30 db; From the point of value, the parameters of the manufacturer will B better than A manufacturer, and manufacturer B 7500 RPM fan can completely with the manufacturer A 8000 RPM fan substitute ( Other quality consistently) if , so we choose to see specifications fan is not speed, but the air volume & amp; Wind pressure.

air: air is wind and send per minute or inhaled air volume [ Unit M3 / min ( 发生/分钟) How many cubic meter per minute, Cubic feet) ] 。 ( CFM or CMM)

wind pressure, wind pressure is needed for fan to overcome the resistance of air supply pressure, divided into static pressure and dynamic pressure. Static pressure is parallel to the direction of air flow measurement to the pressure, dynamic pressure is the process of gas flow kinetic energy into pressure required [ Units: mm/H2O ( inch/H2O) How many mm (, wind pressure water column Inches) ] 。

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