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A cooling fan structure

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan rotation process consists of the stator coil electricity generated by rotating electromagnetic field and the pressure driven into the blades of the permanent magnetic ring mutually exclusive a process. A cooling fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, this four parts, the casing outside the machine,

1, brushless dc motor: by permanent magnets, multi-level winding of the stator and rotor position sensors, electronic commutation of the drive control circuit. Position sensing according to the change of rotor position, along a certain sequence of stator winding current converter ( By detecting the rotor magnetic level relative to the position of the stator winding, and determine the location of position sensing signal, the signal conversion circuit to control the power switch circuit, after processing according to certain logic relation between winding current switch) 。 The working voltage of stator winding electronic switching circuit controlled by the position sensor output.

2, rotor components: the motor shell + + permanent magnetic stripe + axis core of blades. Blades are used in the manufacture of air movement, axis of the rotation of the blades is to support the balance, the permanent magnetic ring magnets have left after a powerful magnetization of the magnetic field, when no external magnetic field excitation, the object remains of magnetic properties, characteristics, the same, opposites attract, the circular outer frame is used to fix the circular.

3, stator parts: enameled wire + plastic coated silicon steel sheet + + bearing of hall sensor detection + driver circuit board + axis. The function of the bearing is high speed, reduce friction, can guarantee the fan long time running. Support spring, used to separate the bearing axis of balance; Retaining ring is used for fixed rotate the parts.

4, outer frame: cooling fan frame part, mainly support, guide role.

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