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A cooling fan size and source of noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan noise generated by the fan noise size and influence of the reasons;

1, the cooling fan system impedance: a casing between inlet and outlet range from 60% to 80% of all system impedance, the greater the additional air flow, noise is relatively higher. System impedance is higher, the bigger the needed for the cooling airflow, so for the sake of reducing noise to a minimum, the system impedance must be reduced.

2, cooling fan airflow disturbing: along the flow path encountered obstacles caused by the interference flow noise. So any obstacles, especially in the inlet and outlet of the range, must be avoided, in order to reduce noise.

3, the cooling fan speed and size: due to the high speed fan than low speed fan large noise, so should as far as possible to try and choose low speed fan. And a larger size, low speed of the fan, usually fan than small size, high speed, quiet when conveying the same volume.

4, cooling fan voltage changes: changes in voltage will affect the noise level. Add to the fan, the higher the voltage, due to the higher speed, vibration is big, the greater the noise also, design considerations of fan each component design, all can affect the level of noise. The following design considerations can achieve lower noise: the size of the core, winding blade and frame design and precise manufacture and balance.

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