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A cooling fan should be how to maintain and placement

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan is a small parts, but it is not a dispensable but play an extraordinary effect of spare parts, now most electronic devices have been spread to our life, home appliances, electronic entertainment facilities need to have a cooling fan for cooling. So how do we protect our planet 'small heart' don't let it hurt innocent influence the equipment normal use can prolong the service life?

1, the placement of a cooling fan, cooling fan is strictly forbidden in the damp environment, stored in a humid environment prone to motor be affected with damp be affected with damp, lead to the fan operation failure; In the process of cooling fan handling, don't to lose goods, between the fan and fan don't collide with each other, easy damaged parts fall off.

2, cooling fan maintenance: for a cooling fan to clean up regularly, removal of dust and other sundry, to keep the fan clean surface, cooling fans don't have sundry pile up phenomenon of import and export, the use of a cooling fan to keep clean and tidy environment.

3, a cooling fan to voltage instability, use defective case, such easy to damage the cooling fan.

4, cooling fans if abnormal running process, such as motor burning, switch trip, the phenomenon such as surface charged, it must immediately stop running, and disconnect the power supply, check and repair, maintenance and need to let the fan tried to run a few minutes, confirm the good run no problem again after boot operation.

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