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A cooling fan several matters needing attention in wind energy

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
1, the fan inlet air distance: 3 ~ 5 mm distance is a must. ——
3毫米 — Fan efficiency of 80%
4 mm & ndash; — The efficiency of the fan is 90%
5 mm & ndash; — Fan efficiency of 100%
2, different inlet and outlet can cause the great change of airflow resistance, inward and outward opening, of course, the bigger the better.
3, don't put in the vicinity of the fan air inlet blocking objects, Such as chip and interface, etc. ) , otherwise, it will reduce the air flow fan.
4, it is best to use rubber to fixed fan, rather than the metal screws, so that you can avoid vibration.
5, fan of the space design. To the efficiency of the fan, the noise, must ensure that the blades and fan shell for 5 ~ 10 mm distance. Fan blades must be near the Tongue in order to obtain better efficiency.
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