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A cooling fan selection methods of dealing with the noise is big

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan cooling device is commonly used in our daily life, can be found everywhere in all kinds of machinery, electronics, equipment heat dissipation problem once and for all, need to have heat dissipation ability of specialized knowledge. Today we are going to discuss is: when the product debugging, such as encounter heat have allowance, but the noise on the high side, how to carry on the accurate selection, once again, the problem solving and do not waste time small tips:

small case: UPS power supply is tested a Jamicon kaimei 12038 cooling fan, speed is 4200 RPM the noise test is 55 db, clients want to fan noise when running at full speed in 50 db, we how to determine how much reduction speed is required for a cooling fan noise reduction requirement? We tong chi universal technical support engineer for your action:

sound pressure: extremely SPL2 = SPL1 + 50 log ( N2 / N1)

: 50 db = 55 db + 50 log ( N2/4200rpm)

N2 material 3300 RPM

small sample test method: in the product debugging stage, try to choose high speed cooling fan with PWM speed regulation, by tuning the downhill amount used, the working point determined, can quickly secondary selection or customize a suitable speed cooling fan, reduce proofing and testing time, fan speed governor used as shown.

chi automotive professional do the cooling fan has, is the cooling fan agent, SanAce Japan Jamicon kaimei cooling fan in China Taiwan, AVC fan agent in Taiwan, has rich experience in the technical team, can help to do a cooling fan application solutions, to provide a cooling fan quality, reliable and stable delivery time, have the customer need to use a cooling fan, cooling fan production counterparts can discuss exchanges with them.
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