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A cooling fan selection criteria

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We came up from the parameters of the cooling fan today discuss the parameters of the cooling fan selection criteria.

1, the cooling fan blade fan box material

a cooling fan blade fan casing material generally divided into two kinds, DC DC cooling fan with PBT, plastic material, the stand or fall of PBT material and linked to the brand, and shin and changchun brand belongs to PBT, high-end brands, users can ask clear, when buying a cooling fan is AC cooling fans used in aluminum and iron material, AC cooling fan than DC cooling fan speed is low.

2, cooling fan bearings

a cooling fan bearings we have a variety of options:

a: double ball bearing, double ball bearing long life ( 50000~100000h) , high temperature resistant

b: oil-retaining bearing, oil bearing life is short, 10000~30000h) , low noise

c: hydraulic bearing, hydraulic bearing and ball bearing oil performance, life expectancy in 30000 ~ 50000 h

3, cooling fan air volume of

in general the cooling fan air volume is bigger, the better, if large air cooling effect nature also more is better, but we must be combined with the actual application situation to choose the size of the air flow and can not blindly choose the maximum air volume, air volume, the greater the cooling fan of the loss is bigger, the noise will increase, when there is no special requirement for heat dissipation effect of super good cases can choose the fan air volume a little bit low.

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