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A cooling fan PWM speed regulating function delay what is the reason

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As time progress, equipment is more advanced, the pursuit of low noise and low power consumption, so the equipment within the assembly of the cooling artifact cooling fan also needs to meet these requirements, quieter, high and low power consumption of a cooling fan and cooling performance of the cooling fan is the front page of users pursuit;

as we all know that high cooling performance of a cooling fan on behalf of the air volume is big, usually air volume, the greater the cooling fan noise and power consumption is higher, so how can we all have it? Now more and more users choose a cooling fan with PWM speed control function and temperature control fan, the most common is with four-wire PWM speed regulation cooling fan, it is can adjust the speed by using duty ratios to alter a cooling fan air volume, noise, etc.

there are used there will be a problem, if we use at ordinary times PWM speed regulation cooling fan startup latency generally what is the reason? To highlight on the blackboard, then tell me the PWM speed regulation cooling fan fan startup latency screening methods:

first of all, we find two Taiwan JAMICON kaimei belt speed function models for KF0428B1LK118 - a cooling fan KL6RP8, electricity testing, at the same time in the test bed, the phenomenon of the cooling fan startup latency, how to start screening?

1, hand toggle whether the heat dissipation fan blade rotation is difficult, to eliminate mechanical problems.

2, confirm the cooling fan electricity instant duty cycle of PWM control signal

a: suggest PWM regulating speed, began to cut from 100%, test - 100% 20% range speed

b: cooling fan just electricity, duty ratio of at least 20% or more, suggest to electricity set the first 100% duty cycle, or speed line hung up.

c: cooling fan speed control features, duty ratio 0% 20% interval, the cooling fan start have inconsistent, suggest to avoid.

3, because the test of a cooling fan rated voltage is 12 v, to make sure the cooling fan is plus or minus 10 lead voltage. 2 v - 13. More than 2 a 8 v, current load capacity.

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