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A cooling fan production steps

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
At the beginning of the cooling fan from design to finished product shipments of steps, operation process and list the tools used to small make up, specific operation steps, please look back. Few words said, direct access to the process of cooling fan:

1, the research and development ( Four axis laser machine, plastic mold design, product structure design, PCB circuit design, the use of wind tunnel machine analysis test of wind pressure data)

2, mould

3, injection ( Injection molding machine)

4, insert the PIN ( Automatic PIN machine)

5, insulation and silicon steel sheet assembling

6, winding ( Winding machine)

7, lead

8, coil immersion tin ( Automatic dip tin machine)

9, PCB plug-in

10, cut foot

11, check the appearance of the stator

12, stator test

13, welding line

14, stator into the casing outside the

15, pressure bearing

16, into the magnetic

17, the magnetization

18, magnetic frame assembly into the blades

19, washers with

20, blade

21, a test and oil ( Speed, even turn current, vibration)

22, install washer cover oil cover

23 and secondary test ( Different tone, even turn current, current, wave, vibration, ultra wide)

24, packaging ( Check the fan appearance, label directions, determine how buckle gap washers, put)

25, finished product sampling ( The appearance, size, electrical characteristics)

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