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A cooling fan performance of how to judge

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
When it comes to a cooling fan performance, many people who have used cooling fans should know that, then, what factors affect the cooling fan performance advantages and disadvantages? Follow through chi car together and have a look.

the pros and cons of a cooling fan performance determine

1. Cooling fan bearing

a cooling fan bearing oil bearing and ball bearing, oil bearing general price is low, the early rotating noise is small, but there have also been added in the oil bearing fluoro lung in the oil bearing with the reliability of the ball bearing manufacturer, eventually manufacturers sell these bearings at a high price. Ball bearings is larger than oil bearing of the cooling fan noise, the price is more expensive than oil-retaining bearing, but it has the advantage of higher reliability, and longer life expectancy than oil bearing.

2, think the fin, the greater the need to the better performance of radiator fin equipment

the advantage of large fan is the fan leaves long, cooling area is large, so the ventilation. If the improper design, big fan of the cooling capacity may be not as good as small fan. Finally see a cooling fan blade, if other parts of the same fan did not change, as long as the blade from five to seven, how could not increase air volume of change. But, about the speed of the fan, speed of 7 leaves (less than 5 leaves Ventilation rate phase at the same time) Cooling fan, with seven leaves, bearing abrasion, less oil, long service life of fan.

if five leaf and seven leaf at the same speed, seven leaf there will be more air. The faster the fan speed, the corresponding shorter life span, the greater the noise. In addition, the cooling fan blade is thicker, the greater the Angle of blade, wind pressure. Fan blade inlet Angle ( The biggest 45 degrees) Fan air volume one of the important factors are decided.

the above is to determine the cooling fan performance advantages and disadvantages of two factors, for more information of the cooling fan, can focus on our racing car, tong chi car is production and sales of one of the cooling fan manufacturer, focus on research and development production of cooling fans, axial flow fan, centrifugal fan, blower, and has its own brand jentech fan, can also provide you with professional heat dissipation system solutions, please consult us for details.
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