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A cooling fan of signal lines? How fan in addition to the positive and negative lines have excess of other lines - — Lead a cooling fan wiring

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Now a lot of mechanical equipment, electric power, the instrument measuring equipment and consumer electronics, etc. , are useful to the cooling fan. Are so common among them, 2, 3, 4, lead the fan. A brief introduction, hope will be helpful to you.
1. Three lead a cooling fan: there are two red and black are power plus or minus the line, the rest is a signal, which is either speed ( FG) Either alarm ( RD) , generally useful yellow, white, blue wire.
2. Cooling fan: four leads except the red and black are the positive and negative power supply cord, yellow is generally FG signals, blue is PWM speed control. Through temperature detection, adjust PWM duty ratio signal, which can realize the fan speed, so as to realize the automatic control of temperature of the equipment.
3. More mainly for dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan for many fans, there are some difference between lead some ac cooling fan is exactly the same three lead, features three thread color is the same, between any two root resistance, too, such as axial flow fan fan are mostly using alternating current (ac). Specific wiring methods to test first, the three lines in a series a non-polar capacitor, and the other is plugged in, connect the power wire; The rest of the a line after the zero line. The direction of rotation of the fan, in the right direction is the trial is successful, the direction is not correct will switch three thread in any of the two.
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