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A cooling fan noise optimization - — Photographic equipment heat dissipation

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Appeal: on the premise of cooling fan meet equipment cooling, the machine noise as low as possible.

products: 60 w camera heat source: LED light source heat using a cooling fan, 9225:1 PCS

the cooling fan noise usually big factors, noise source:

1, the cooling fan noise

2, systems, wind resistance larger

3, installation of the structure of the turbulence noise

chi automotive radiator r&d director through the wind tunnel device compaction test machine, wind resistance and a cooling fan PQ curve comparison and reference selection alternative:

the old material: YY9225M12B

alternative: DF9025H1LABA

as shown in the figure below, equipment wind resistance is bigger, fan on this product in the two action points are respectively 7 CFM and eight CFM is smaller, can consider to replace.

in 27 ℃ ambient temperature YY9225M12B and replace DF9025H1LABA 1 h hot temperature rise is 52 degrees.

according to the actual data of the cooling fan and equipment noise optimization advice:

a, a cooling fan into the tuyere away from obstacles

1, the power supply as much as possible to the end of the move

2, fan into the tuyere as far as possible to avoid obstacles, the ideal distance is 4 cm, PCB advice do U gap to avoid

2, to reduce the system impedance

1, suggest shells into the tuyere as far as possible big some

2, suggested adding into the tuyere

one, the noise test result

22 background noise. 5 db test, for the whole lamp with low noise and noise test 5 cm and 1 m distance for reference

test DF9025H1LABA compared with YY9225M12B, noise is reduced significantly, but there are two door frame difference, the current structure to hold, to do the secondary processing.

the products are mainly from the measured data optimization selection, air duct wind resistance, installation structure optimization, on the premise of heat dissipation effect similar, the measured products zero. 5 m distance, to the human ear can hardly hear for the noise of the fan transport cause.

thank you for reading, and do a cooling fan chi automotive professional, professional research and development production of cooling fans, dc fan, centrifugal fan, fan cooling fan manufacturers, have our own r&d team and agent Japan SanAce mountain the cooling fan, cooling fan, AVC fan, welcome to come to consult, thank you!
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