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A cooling fan - — New energy inverter cooling fan replacement plan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 A cooling fan application demands 】 :

the original new energy inverter models is EBM - equipment with a cooling fan R2E225 - BD92 - 09, now demand optimization with 2 a cooling fan to replace 1 EBM fan, and long life.

original equipment of cooling fan: EBM - R2E225 - BD92 - 09 number 4 PCS ( Each reactor 1 PCS)

a cooling fan to replace scheme selection basis: according to R2E225 - BD92 - 09 fan PQ curve comparison

fan PQ characteristic curve of reference:

a cooling fan to replace model solution a:

a cooling fan action points: such as above, green and red PQ curve, the greater the wind resistance red line 9 lg1448p5g001 fans have an advantage more.

the cooling fan selection: choose the yankees fan 9 lg1448p5g001 SanAce mountain * 2 PCS in parallel with the

advantage: the cooling fan long life 180000 h / 60 ℃

disadvantages: installation should be changed structure

a cooling fan to replace model scheme 2:

a cooling fan action points: green R2E225 - BD92 - 09 and blue ( 9TS48P0H001) PQ characteristic curve is almost parallel, can completely replace the fan.













1, the DC power supply

constant-voltage power supply: Vout: 48 v

1 power supply with 1 fan

output current allowance is big good

2, thermostat, Optional)

the fan with PWM speed regulating function, reactor temperature thermostat through real-time detection, output PWM signals intelligence control, control of the cooling air volume, the fan is not worked in the maximum speed, not only can save electricity and noise reduction, but also can prolong the service life of the fan.

3, fan fence

new energy inverter requirements of the fan is stable and reliable, long life, combined with the working environment temperature is higher, so the recommendation from the limited one, the use of the axial flow fan 60 ℃ environment, their life over 180000 hours; With two fans in parallel, and can reduce the damage rate is low.

if you want to consider to install, can choose 2 centrifugal fan, but it is strongly recommended that match the thermostat is used, through the intelligent control of motor speed, derating use and prolonging life.

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