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A cooling fan models what are the terminal

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan do you want to display terminal equipment depends on the client side of the situation needs to decide, terminal is applied for the convenience of the connection wire, so feel free to disconnect and connect, convenient and quick, so the cooling fan is commonly used what type of terminal blocks?

terminal type: 2. 5/2 pin, as the chart type A/B belong to the same type terminal, just cooling fans of different arrangement of the power cord plus or minus, so when we choose A cooling fan to display terminals to the order of the power cord.

2, terminal types: 2. . two survivors pin, below the same type line sequence arrangement is different.

3, terminal types: 2510/2 pin, below the same type line sequence arrangement is different.

4, terminal types: 2. 5/3 when the pin, the diagram below:

5, terminal types: 2. 0 / pin, shown below:

6, terminal types: 2510/3 pin / 4 pin, shown below, are part of the motherboard of standard interface.

it is the end of the cooling fan terminal types commonly used today oh, fan display terminal in the two pictures attached.

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