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by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In a cooling fan manufacturer home we discussed four belong to the international brand of a cooling fan, Germany EBM, Japan SANYODENKI mountain ocean, Nidec Japan's electricity production ( Nead) JAMICON kaimei, Taipei, that today we continue our discussion to introduce that catchy international first-class manufacturers.

Taiwan is AVC, founded in 1991, mainly engaged in r&d and manufacture of CPU cooling fan, notebook cooling module, heat pipe and dc fan is given priority to, is one of the five global radiator manufacturer, radiator industry global sales for the first city, its influence is absolutely remarkable, give priority to with dc fan, CPU radiator shipments in recent years, AVC account for a quarter of the global total, Intel, via designated manufacturers. AVC has huge research and development in order to realize automatic fan production line, fan, fan control IC, self-developed hydraulic bearing NEDEC exclusive use.

Taiwan ADDA association jubilee was founded in 1978, early production PCS socket, wire and transformer, cooling fans, transformation of production began in 1989 until the pin to the world, has been the leading position in heat treatment technology, has its unique technology and advantages, independent research and development of exclusive ADDA Hypro bearing bearing system has made the United States patent, has a group of perfect organization thorough research and development team, and with the institute and the colleges and universities and other research units have long-term technical cooperation.

Taiwan DELTD Taiwan was founded in 1971, is a global power management and heat dissipation of the solution, leading companies to provide high efficiency switch mode power of restraint, industrial cooling fan and components and other products, the pursuit of quality, 'zero defect products' and 'customer satisfaction' completely. Implement total quality management, do it right the first time, of the affairs, to achieve 'quality first', keen grasp the market information, trends, continuous innovation, research and development products is committed to improving the quality of life, to achieve 'the pursuit of excellence' operating positions all over the world, the production base in accordance with the design of the green building method. The cooling fan is medium size, high air volume, high wind pressure of the dominant products.

have found a pattern, introduction of is all department today, and technology are very mature, belongs to deep cooling fan international brand. A cooling fan manufacturer is introduced here, want more cooling fan content please pay attention to the cooling fan portal!

chi car professional do fan, agent JAMICON kaimei fan, Taiwan AVC macro fan, Japanese SAN YODENKI mountain the cooling fan, has its own r&d team, to provide the most professional, the most perfect technical support!
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