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A cooling fan line the number of different what reason be

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan will run under the environment of various occasions, such as high temperature, damp, outdoor much rain of dust using environmental conditions, such as the case, so the needs of different use environment on the cooling fans are all the same, and the equipment you need to use to the cooling fan is used to reduce the device temperature and prolong the service life of equipment, then we see in the market of the cooling fan has 2 lines, three lines, four lines of the cooling fan, what wire has what effect on the performance of a cooling fan?

we common cooling fan is two lines, respectively is red and black is the power cord, the red line is positive, the black is negative, negative, generally referred to as the red is black but as users more and more high to the requirement of the cooling fan, cooling fan has promotion into three lines, four lines, we first discuss the cooling fan is the role of the third line.

the third and fourth line is the function of the cooling fan, signal lines, there is a kind of RD alarm signal, and is a kind of FG speed signal. RD alarm function is rotating detection function, and in a cooling fan runtime pins output low level signal, when the rotor block output high level; FG speed signal which is an open collector output link to a 'pull' on resistance and compatibility devices of input power supply voltage, the output is provided with a square wave signal is output frequency generator or tachometer.

and PWM control signals and temperature signals, the function of temperature control signal is applied, in the operation of the cooling fan, fan speed controlled by temperature, temperature can correspond to different speed; PWM speed regulating function can use frequency and high and low voltage level to control the fan speed, in this function, frequency from 30 hz - 30 KHZ, high level voltage range can be adjusted from 3 v to 10 v, low level range less than or equal to 0. 8 v, fan speed can be adjusted by 'duty cycle' to linear control fan speed, maximum speed until the fan.

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