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A cooling fan is how to work?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the use of hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, control a set of circuit switching winding current order, produce a rotating magnetic field, realize electronic commutation mechanical and electrical integration of the new type fan. Cooling fan has a wide speed range, light quality, environmental protection and energy saving, controllability, reliability, tolerance has obvious advantages in environment and economy, in the field of the requirement of high performance gradually take the place of other types of motors, dominant.
a cooling fan is the use of direct current (dc) to provide power supply. Dc motor consists of stator and rotor of two parts. On the stator poles ( Winding type or permanent magnet) , and the rotor winding, after staff for the electricity, also formed on the rotor magnetic field ( The magnetic poles) And an Angle between stator and rotor poles have, in the stator magnetic field ( N pole and S pole) Attract each other, is the motor rotation.
a cooling fan technicians tell us that change the brush seat, you can change the Angle of the rotor poles ( Assumptions in the stator pole to start edge Angle, the pole to the other side of the rotor, the rotor pole is pointing in the direction of the stator pole motor direction of rotation) Direction, after do this, can change the direction of rotation of the machine.

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