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A cooling fan is analysed after add lubricating oil can waterproof?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan after add lubricating oil can waterproof? There are two kinds of real waterproof, vacuum coating is A kind of motor, the seal and then reach the effect of waterproof, the second motor, sealed with A and B resin is better, but the process is more responsible for, the cost will be higher. But many a cooling fan manufacturers choose lubricating way of waterproof, can this really waterproof? Today a generic electronic cooling fan manufacturer to give you a brief answer to recognize.

gas has no effect on the waterproof, reason is the lubricant of his primary effect is to reduce the conflict between parts and parts, he can only say that he does not dissolve in water, so does not have the effect of waterproof, real cooling fan to waterproof, generally is the stator, namely motor, contains the PCB with a special glue wrapped up, the water there is no way to enter the motor. Like I said above two ways, so I'm here again and then prompt the buyers to buy waterproof cooling fans must make it clear when manufacturer is to choose what kind of method to complete waterproof.
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