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A cooling fan how to utilize the PQ air volume air pressure curve selection

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Equipment are in need of cooling, cooling needs a cooling fan, engineering when choosing a cooling fan selection is the most intuitive see nominal parameter, but the nominal parameters of cooling fan specification book is in no obstacle, no impedance resistance under the environment of the nominal maximum, is not important basis of model selection of the cooling fan in the cooling fan installed use, there has ventilation resistance device is the device of the internal air flow resistance for the system impedance, so, the model selection of the cooling fan in need will be subject to cooling fans of PQ air volume air pressure curve, based on the system impedance is reasonable choice;

so how do we according to the characteristic curve of PQ air volume of wind pressure of cooling fan to choose? Such as the following example:

one, according to a cooling fan nominal parameter selection of the nominal parameter difference in the two cooling fans, one is the Japan NMB beauty bud is the fan 06025 sa - 6025 12N- AL- D3 and Taiwan Jamicon kaimei fan JF0625B1SA - 6025 R;

cooling fans in the two parameter list:



voltage V

power W

the RPM speed

air volume m after/min

wind pressure pa

noise dB

life h


sa - 06025 12N- A - L - D3


1. 8


0. 66





JF0625B1SA- R


1. 8


0. 68

65. 49

37. 2

40000/60 ℃

in our view, if direct reference fan is the nominal value of totally Jamicon kaimei fan can completely replace the NMB beautiful page and fan; Then how to read according to the properties of PQ cooling fan graph data confirm the alternative?

the cooling fan air volume of PQ wind pressure characteristics:

above two fan characteristic curve:

1, if working point in the position of the two arrow, two fan cooling effect;

2, action spot between two arrows NMB fan is slightly larger than the Jamicon, fan, so choosing NMB beauty bud is working point outside two arrows the Jamicon action point slightly greater than the NMB fan, choose Jamicon fan effect will be better. ( Cooling fans of PQ characteristic curve and system impedance curve intersection for the action point)

in the selection of the cooling fan is the most intuitive see nominal parameter, but nominal parameter selection is not important basis, will be subject to PQ curve, based on the system impedance of rational choice, chi can do technical support for you, to provide cooling scheme, collaborative design with you, provide the overall solution.
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