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【 A cooling fan 】 Heat dissipation and durable it is strong

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 A cooling fan 】 Strong heat durability is it
wenling chi automotive co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of cooling fans, here small make up detailed explain for everybody, a cooling fan is durable to which extent, details are as follows. 。 。
1, the cooling fan rotational speed and high acceleration, can run under the condition of dn value of more than 3 million, and skid, can reduce wear and fever;
2, cooling fan, long service life, wear - resistant - Full ceramic bearing fatigue life is longer than all steel bearing 10 - 50 times, hybrid ceramic bearing, life also 3 - higher than all steel bearing's life About five times;
3, cooling fans needed lubrication rarely - - Ceramic material of low friction coefficient, using the ceramic bearing lubrication, the lubricant is thinning or boundary conditions, its lubricating ability is still not less than the traditional steel bearings commonly used lubricants;
4, abrasion - resistant - - - - - - , because of the ceramic materials as inert material more resistant to corrosion and wear;
5, rigid - - - - - - - From ceramic materials of high elastic modulus, the rigid steel bearing 15 - larger than normal 20%;
6, high temperature resistant - - Full ceramic bearing can work at temperature above 500 ℃;

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