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A cooling fan functional test and some oil process

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
JAMICON kaimei group in the process of making a cooling fan semi-finished products made into finished products will be for the first of two functional tests, before some oil at a time, after a cover oil cover, the focus of the two tests are not identical, today we will learn together for the first time a cooling fan of the functional test and some oil operation skills.

a cooling fan for the first time test key projects are:

1, whether normal boot

2, rotational speed, check whether the speed is up to the standard

3, even turn current, check the cooling fan to swing current is constant when the steady state.

4, vibration, in general the fan blade was the main cause of the unbalanced vibration as a result, generally available blade special balancing apparatus detect whether the blades.

test after the cooling fan for some oil, but it's not that we randomly drop one or two drops of oil was finished, the cooling fan of each different models have different point of oil, JAMICON kaimei based on micro meter control as an important tool.

thank you for your reading, chi automotive professional do fan, has its own r&d team, San Ace agent Japan mountain the cooling fan, JAMICON kaimei cooling fans, AVC fan in Taiwan, to provide users with the most professional, the most perfect technical support, welcome everyone to come to consult, thank you!
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